Our Story

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How It Started

Founder Sandra Skovlund, MD is an Ear Nose and Throat, (ENT) surgeon.  While working in Ethiopia training physicians, she frequently was without access to bath room facilities, a toilet seat or something she wasn’t comfortable sitting on. Often without running water, but always a bottle of water on hand, the P-Kit provided the clean experience she needed.  She devised a kit that including items that made the experience comfortable and clean. She perfected the kit by making all items “green” or biodegradable, free of any perfumes and dyes. To make her story even more amazing, she gives the majority of proceeds from the sale of BioGo products to the Foundation that buys the surgical equipment for the young surgeons she helps to train.  AND! all kits are assembled by people with disabilities in Minnesota.


BioGo, General Benefit Corporation emphasizing its commitment to its social and environmental mission.  It designs, manufactures and markets biodegradable travel kits. Launched in 2016, BioGo is B Lab Certified, B Corp Certified with a non-provisional patent pending.


Assembled by persons with disabilities. Benefits global medical initiatives.

As a travel kit company, our mission is to create and sell products that are biodegradable and provide a “feel and be clean anywhere” experience for users, while fully supporting giving to the Foundation that buys surgical equipment for young surgeons. Creating jobs locally and providing sustainable healthcare across the globe.



To continue to support and encourage those with disabilities that they can be a part of the giving back and feel the satisfaction of helping others. To be a company that finds other green products that help people in their everyday busy lives.